Let's Meet The Maker

Hi! WELOME BACK to our journal space - where we will meet our very next "Meet the Maker' who inspires us!
Introducing Pia Reynolds who is the clever creator behind the label Pop Ya Tot.
Pia designs and makes the most gorgeous hand painted dummy chains and equally colourful swaddles. She certainly has the magic touch when it comes to colour combinations.
Based in Melbourne, Pia works from home and is also Mum to two little men! I have meet Pia and I am also the proud owner of a few of her products.... so I can vouch for the passion and quality craftsmanship that goes into each piece. They are such tasteful, vibrant and on trend pieces that are the perfect accessory to your little loves wardrobes!
Welome Pia, tell us about your business. When did it start? Has it changed since you first started?   
Business has changed a fair bit since I started out in 2015. The market is heavily saturated in baby goods, so competition is fierce, but I think we all have our own place in the market so there is room for all of us. Instagram algorithms have made marketing a challenge, but it has also opened up pathways into new and different ways of getting the brand out there, and that is very exciting.
My business started when I had my second son, he took a dummy and I couldn’t find a decent chain to use to compliment his outfits that I’d just spent all of this money on. So I sourced some beads and made one, and a friend of mine suggested I started selling them, so I did a bit (a lot) of research into safety, testings, materials, insurance, and next thing you know, I was running my own little business.
 What is your background before Pop Ya Tot? 
 I was an Executive Assistant to a Private School Principal. I’d worked in the education sector for almost 10 years and absolutely loved it. It taught me excellent skills to be able to effectively run my own business, so I’m very grateful for that experience.
  • How did you come up with your business name?
  •  I wanted a pop of colour for babes to wear, and Pop Ya Tot just sprang to mind. It’s cute and catchy.
     Where do you create all of the magic?
    I have a home office where I do all of my painting, packaging, bookwork, etc. And all of my stock is taking up real estate in my garage slash warehouse. We are bursting at the seams!
     How do you tackle any challenges you face within the business? 
    Luckily for me I haven’t had too many. Working for yourself often means that you can avoid issues before they arise. The only real challenge I’ve had to face is direct copies of my products. It can be disheartening to see work that you’ve poured your heart and soul into, just directly duplicated and often sold at a cheaper price.
     What do you believe are your weaknesses? Strengths?
  • My strength would be my work ethic, I actually find it hard to stop working…. It’s not until I hear my little 3 year olds sweet little voice saying “mummy can you leave your office now” that I realise it’s time to stop.
  •   My weakness is my lack of competition, I don’t like to compete, I feel there is room for all of us if we make our own mark.
     I see you have added a new product to your repertoire. How did this come about? 
    Last year I released a new range of swaddle and they are flying off the shelves which is very exciting, and flattering. Every sale is such an honour and a privilege and I’ve never lost sight of that. And I also love that people like my taste :P
    Where does all the colour inspiration come from for all of your products?
     I just love colour. In my past life I did an Interior Design course. I did art through school, my hobby is decorating, so I’m a tad obsessed with colour. I find it exciting sitting at my desk coming up with new designs for my chains and swaddles.
    How would you describe yourself in three words?
     Driven, Curious, Satisfied.
    What makes you laugh? 
     My husband and kids, Brooklyn 99 and @thudandpop (on Instagram)
  • What are three things you could tell us, that we wouldn’t already know about you!
  •  I was home-schooled from Year 8, I’m missing half of my pointer finger on my left hand and I’m a qualified Real Estate Agent.
    How lucky are we to now know just a little bit more about the talented maker behind Pop Ya Tot!  Make sure you check out her amazing creations and new swaddle collection, you have to be quick as they are always a sell out!! (www.popyatot.com.au)
    Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog & I hope to be back soon with a little something about our next AW18 collection release!
    Love fIONA x
    All photos were supplied by PopYa Tot

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