'Rarer than cashmere, warmer than wool'


We have carefully selected the fibre of alpaca for our collections, it is found local to our knitters.
Alpaca is a luxurious fibre that is so soft to touch, the strands are smooth and it has the most wonderful silky sheen. Garments produced from alpaca are extremely durable; the strength of the fibre reduces the chance of stretching and it is also resistant to pilling. If cared for correctly, your hand knit will last a lifetime!
Alpaca is also a natural thermostat; the fibre is breathable with an insulating nature. It keeps body heat in, in cooler temperatures and releases it in the warmer temperatures. It's also non-flammable and due to alpaca’s water-resistant properties, you can simply dab away any spills. Grease and oil don’t spot as easily either.
Alpaca is naturally hypo-allergenic; it is free of lanolin that is present in wool. Therefore it is less irritating to the skin as it doesn’t scratch or “prickle” the skin like wool products can.


'Alpaca is eco-friendly'


The alpaca itself is a gentle, intelligent, and curious animal. They are considered some of the “greenest” animals around. Their adaptations for living in harsh environments like the Andes, give them a light eco-footprint. The alpaca does not have hooves, and its padded feet do little damage to the turf. They chew off plant matter from the ground without pulling or damaging the roots and do not bother trees, so they are generally considered to be of 'low-impact' to the environment.



They are also sustainable as they can produce fleece throughout their life without being harmed. 
Because alpaca is naturally free of lanolin and other oils found in sheep’s wool, no harsh chemicals are needed to process alpaca fibre, making alpaca ranching 100% natural and safe for the environment.
We absolutely adore this fibre and hope once you see it, you will too!!
fIONA & team x